GX 250 5-Axis (12"x16"x17")

About Bridgeport 5-Axis Models

An investment in Bridgeport’s latest generation of 5-Axis vertical machining centers will bring instant and positive results. Our unrivalled technology coupled with an unswerving commitment to improving our customers' productivity and business performance have contributed to a large, and loyal, customer base.

Key Specifications

Swing-Arm capacity
30 Station ATC
CT 40 (Big Plus)
Spindle speed
15,000 RPM
Spindle Horsepower
20 HP (15kw)
y axis
15.7" (398.78 mm)
x axis
11.8" (299.72 mm)
z axis
16.9" (429.26 mm)
a axis (tilt)
+30/-120 Degrees
c axis
360 Degrees
Milling Specification
Approx Machine Weight:
12,698 lbs (5,750 kg)
Floor Space:
101" x 71" x 105" (2,568 mm x 1,800 mm, 2,663 mm)
Control Type:
Fanuc 31iMB5
Tool Changer:
30 Tools
Spindle Speed:
15,000 RPM
Spindle Horsepower:
20 HP (15kW)
Spindle Taper:
No. 40 Big Plus
Travels: X,Y,Z
11.8" x 15.7" x 16.9" (299.72 mm x 398.78 mm x 429.26 mm)

Product Description

Bridgeport’s new generation 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center is a fully-digital, high-quality machine tool designed for leading edge machining in the Aerospace, Mold & Die, Medical and Automotive Industries and other manufacturing sectors. This machine has been developed to provide a powerful and precise solution to meet today's high demands of the metal cutting user.

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