GX 510 (20" x 15.76" x 16.94")

About Bridgeport GX-Series - Performance (X,Y,Z)

Increased manufacturing flexibility and improved machining performance are essential for companies wishing to maintain their competitive edge. In response to these new demands Bridgeport has launched a new line of GX VMCs.

Key Specifications

Milling Specification
Approx Machine Weight:
11,244 lbs (5,100 kg)
Floor Space:
60.04" x 100.87" (1,542 mm x 2,562 mm)
Control Type:
Fanuc OiMD
Tool Changer:
20 Tools
Spindle Speed:
7,083 RPM (10,000 Option)
Spindle Horsepower:
20 HP (15kW)
Spindle Taper:
No. 40 Big Plus
Working Surface:
23.6" x 15.8" (599.44 mm x 401.32 mm)
Travels: X,Y,Z
20" x 15.8" x 16.9" (510 mm x 400 mm x 430 mm)

Product Description

The Bridgeport GX 510 is designed and built for a production environment.  These machines can literally overlap one another to better utilize valuable floor space and to promote cell manufacturing.  The unique design provides service and operator interface to only the front or back of the machines.  This design allows the machines to be stacked in a line side by side since there is no need to access the sides of the machines.  Don’t let the small footprint fool you as the GX 510 packs a powerful punch. The spindle torque and horsepower is a unique feature of this machine when compared to other small footprint machines.  With 20 horsepower and 99 ft-lbs of torque the GX 510 is able to provide a solution for the aerospace, medical, defense, 3C, automotive, and other industries, requiring high-value, complex parts from difficult to machine materials.

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