GX 480 (19" x 16" x 17")

About Bridgeport GX-Series - Performance (X,Y,Z)

Increased manufacturing flexibility and improved machining performance are essential for companies wishing to maintain their competitive edge. In response to these new demands Bridgeport has launched a new line of GX VMCs.

Key Specifications

Milling Specification
Approx Machine Weight:
6,204 lbs (2,820 kg)
Floor Space:
62.01" x 83.35" x 82.20" (1,575 mm x 2,168 mm x 2,088 mm)
Control Type:
Fanuc i-Series GX
Tool Changer:
20 Tools
Spindle Speed:
10,000 RPM
Spindle Horsepower:
7.5/10/20 HP (5.5/7.5/15 kW)
Spindle Taper:
No. 40 Big Plus
Working Surface:
23.6" x 15.8" (600 mm x 400 mm)
Travels: X,Y,Z
18.90" x 15.75" x 16.93" (480 mm x 400 mm x 430 mm)

Product Description

The Bridgeport GX 480 VMC machine features fast rapid rates, high axis and spindle acceleration/deceleration, and a powerful Fanuc control packed with standard features. From job-shop type work to high production manufacturing the GX 480 machine simply outperforms the average machine in its class. With its heavy duty cast iron construction, 4,806lb/2180kg machine weight, 60.23/1530mm x 87.08/2212mm foot print, X-18.9/480mm Y-15.75/400mm Z-16.93/430mm axis travels23.6/600mm x  15.75/400mm work table 1410 ipm/36mm/min rapids, 40 taper 10,000 rpm spindle, 10 hp/7.5Kw, 33 ft-lb/47Nm spindle torque, 20 station Swing Arm ATC, and manual pulse generator (MPG), makes this competitively priced machine best in class.

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