Sure-Grip Expanding Collets

 "Why do I have to use a stop plate with my Sure-Grip Expanding Collet?"

"The expanding collet is pulled back with a draw plug to open it. If the chucking ID of the parts varies, the collet will pull back or stick out farther than the previous piece. The Stop Plate eliminates the movement of the part and also stabilizes it for heavy stock removal."
 "Do I have to buy a different collet for each different bore size?"

"The collets will handle a variation in size of -.001" to +.015" (-.025mm to +.387mm). If you have a 1-3/4" (6.35mm) collet, it can grip workpieces that have bores from 1.749" to 1.765" (6.1mm to 6.969mm) in diameter."
 "Can I damage my Sure-Grip System if I use too much draw bar force?"

"The maximum draw bar forces are as follows:
Spindle Mounted Style:
  • Series #100 thru #250, max. lbs. is 2,000.
  • Series #300, max. lbs. is 4,000.
  • Series #400, max. lbs. is 5,000.
  • Series #500 and #600, max lbs. is 9,000.
Collet Style:
  • Series #100 thru #250, max. lbs. is 2,000.
  • Series #300, max. lbs. is 4,000.
  • Series #400 and #500 for 5C spindles, max. lbs. is 4,000.
  • Series #400 for all others, max. lbs. is 7,000.
  • Series #500 and #600, max lbs. is 7,000."
 "Can I machine a workpiece without using a work stop?"

"The collet draws back as it grips the bore of the workpiece. Any variation in the gripping diameter will cause the part to pull back farther or less than the setup piece. If you are only machining the OD of the part, then a work stop is not necessary. Unfortunately, 99% of the time this is not the case. Usually you will be machining a face or shoulder.
 "Will I damage the collet if I close it without a part on it?"

"The Sure-Grip system is designed to eliminate this problem. The draw bar will contact the face of the arbor before the collet can be over expanded."
 "I want to take 1/8" off a part while holding on a small bore. Can I use the Model #100?"

"The #100 collet is for light machining operations such as taking a few thousandths off the face or OD of a workpiece. We recommend that you use the Model "S" Precision Expanding Collet for heavier stock removal on parts with bores less than 1/2" (12.7mm) in size."

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 "Can I grip internally on a hex-shaped part?"

"Yes, hex and square collets are available."
 Are there Emergency Expanding Collets available?"

"Because the collets come in 1/64" (.3968mm) sizes and each collet can handle a variation of -.001" to +.015" (-.025mm to +.381mm), there is no need for emergency collets."