Custom Application Manufacturing

Hardinge specializes in solutions for extruded stock, non-round parts, eccentric, off-center, stepped and other hard to grip parts.
Hardinge will work closely with you to solve your individual needs while working within your parameters. Their Design and Application Engineers have over a century of combined experience.

Non-Typical Workpiece Materials
Quite often it is necessary to hold a soft or brittle workpiece, a part that cannot be marked or scratched, or a thin-walled part. Hardinge can provide a gripping solution for all types of workpiece materials.

Specialty and High Production Machines
No job is too complex or unusual! Hardinge's team of experts can provide an accurate and reliable solution while minimizing your setup and handling without compromising the integrity of your machine. You'll experience less breakage and wear with Hardinge workholding products…and that means more uptime on your machine! Specials are manufactured to rigid specifications, including material, heat treat and machined accuracy. Hardinge will work with you for the fastest possible delivery time to meet your deadline. Quite often a stock item can be altered to meet your requirements. E-mail your drawings and specifications to, fax 607-734-3886, or call 800.843.8801.

1 Team.
30 Hands.
300 Years.

Hardinge workholding engineers have 300 years combined workholding engineering experience. These hands (and intelligent minds) are ready to improve accuracies, reduce setup times, reduce costs, add flexibility to a machine, develop new workholding concepts and solve gripping problems.

Before sinking hours into experimenting and creating a pile of scrap metal, the logical, fail-safe move would be to put your frustrating gripping problems in the hands of experience, where the end result will be safe, accurate and reliable.

Hardinge can provide custom workholding solutions for:

  • turning applications
  • milling applications
  • grinding applications
  • assembly and process applications
  • hard to grip materials
  • and more!

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