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Hardinge single- and double-angle toolholder collets feature a multi-slot design to provide maximum gripping force for efficient "push-back" control. This control helps prolong tool life which reduces machine downtime to produce more pieces per hour. All locating surfaces are precision ground to assure extremely close tolerances. Hardinge's manufacturing process ensures that each collet will have a TIR (Total Indicator Reading) of .0005" (.0127mm) or less. Quick-Change Tap Collets and HoldersQuick-Change Tap Collets are used throughout the industry for mounting into Bilz-style and other popular tapping holders. Many taper-flange milling machine tap holders use these collets. The quick-change feature allows changing the tap without removing the collet from its holder. This feature ensures precise length control from one tap to another of the same length. Hardened and Ground BushingsHD-Style bushings are hardened and precision ground inside and out. The hardness and resiliency manufactured into Hardinge bushings make them the longest lasting and most accurate bushings in the industry. HDB, HDC, and HDZ bushing styles are available.   

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