GD16C2 and GD3J2 Gear-Driven Indexer Systems

Product Description

Hardinge 16C and 3J Indexer Systems are available in single, dual and triple spindle configurations. The A2-5 16C or 3J spindle will accept collets, expanding collets, step chucks, jaw chucks and slotted face plates without the use of an adapter! The robust dual-bearing spindle provides support for heavier radial and axial loads with indexing speeds of up to 300-degrees per second. The motor can be mounted on the left or the right side of the spindle. The standard Pneumatic collet closer provides 3987-pounds (1808kgs) of draw bar pull at 100 psi of supplied air pressure. The New Hardinge all-digital Indexer Control features multiple lines of display with storage for up to 9999 programs with up to 500 steps in each! A USB port lets you load and unload part programs from internal memory.