QUEST CHNC 27 & 42

About Hardinge Quest Series - Gang/Gang Turret

The QUEST-Series gives you the productivity you demand for lean manufacturing with the Hardinge-exclusive patented interchangeable tool top plate which dramatically reduces setup and cycle times.

Product Description

QUEST CHNC turning centers are designed for quick changeover with interchangeable top plates that can be pre-tooled for a particular job or range of jobs.  This next generation CHNC design configuration allows the use of interchangeable top plates and tooling used on thousands of CHNC machine installations worldwide. Some of the enchancements to this next generation CHNC machine include 4X Faster Index Time, 172% More X-Axis Travel, 18% Faster X-Axis Traverse Rate, 57% Faster Z-Axis Traverse Rate, More Rigidity with Fanuc Servo Turret Index Motor and 30% Less Floor Space.